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                   Hudsonville, MI 49426         INNOVATIVE          DS          Phone:  616.896.6080
                                                             Fax:      616.896.6081
                                                    Display Solutions

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                                                              Innovative Display Solutions offers quality displays solutions
                                                              to enhance your retail environment.
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                                                              Our retail displays are crafted to offer style, function, and
                                                              structural durability.
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                                                                     Style- Display designs focus on providing your
                                                                     customers with an attractive and comfortable
                                                                     environment while shopping in your marketplace.
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                                                                     Function- The purpose of our fixture line is to draw
                                                                     attention to your product and motivate sales during
                                                                     your customer's shopping experience.  Each product is
              :LQH   6SLULWV 'LVSOD\V                                crafted to be appealing and easy to use while
                                                                     accommodating your shoppers.

                                                                     Structural Durability- We take pride in creating
              :LQH   6SLULWV *RQGROD $FFHQWV                         fixtures that last and look good in your retail space.
                                                                     Our fixture solutions are designed and engineered
                                                                     using top quality, environmentally safe components.

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                                                              This guide provides a selection of fixture solutions intended to
                                                              generate ideas that create the right layout for your retail space.
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